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Hastings Park

2901 E Hastings (Map It)
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Il Giardino Italiano
Il Giardino?s distinctive Italian-style plantings include pear, lavender, mulberry, and grape. The fountains and channels of the unique water feature, complete with gargoyles, add delicious sounds to the garden. From the large children?s play area to the opera walk, Il Giardino Italiano is a feast for the eyes. The area also includes a skatepark, a popular youth gathering place with views of the gardens and mountains beyond.

The sanctuary overflows with greenery and bird calls. Its main feature, the pond, is the result of the daylighting of a stream contained by a culvert for over 50 years, combined with rainwater collected from the neighbourhood to the south. A series of bridges, winding pathways, riparian plantings and tucked-away seating areas makes this a delightful refuge for visitors, as well as an important example of ecology in urban areas.

Empire Fields
Empire Bowl houses several playing fields for soccer and softball, as well as an oval running track. Steep slopes surround the bowl, covered with grasses that rustle in the breeze. Regal concrete details, including a grand staircase, make this a powerful and impressive space.

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