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Canada Ginseng Co Ltd.

33 hastings st e (Map It)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Tel: (604) 681-9888

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"If Ginseng is taken on a regular basis it is said to help: reduce stress, increase physical stamina, quiet nerves, enhance blood flow, help regulate cholesterol levels, help regulate blood pressure, strengthen metabolism, vitalize body glands and functions and slow degeneration of cells to increase longevity.

Ginseng takes 3-5 years to grow, plus extensive equipment and hundreds of tender loving labour, and it is still less expensive than most any remedy or tonic you can purchase.

Use Uncle John's 100% Ontario Grown Ginseng capsules, (no fillers or additives) powder, caffeine free ginseng tea or just chew a piece of root. It's been used for thousands of years.

Ginseng seems to soothe and relax the body. We know from years of usage that our Ontario Ginseng "HELPS THE BODY HELP ITSELF," and that it is wonderful in helping to relieve "

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