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Donair Hut (Hastings)

101-550 hastings st w (Map It)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Tel: (604) 899-8909
Fax: (604) 899-8908

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Donair Hut is a donair store in Vancouver.

Category: Food and Drinks | Subcategory: Deli | Area: Downtown
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Posted 4 years ago

My friend and I came here for lunch as the weather was bad and we didn't really want to walk around. I got the chicken plate as it looked good in the picture. It's a a small local store that only has a table and two seats so I thought, food is food.

By my surprise the chicken plate was really really good. I can't believe it! I ate it so quickly and just wanted more. The salad he made was nothing special but the hummus he gave on the side mixed in with the salad made it so good. The chicken was well seasoned and spiced. I wish they weren't downtown as it's hard to get to.

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