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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Tel: (604) 669-2396

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(From Restaurant's Website):

What is 'nuevo latino' - it's a style of cooking that blends the passion of Argentina, with the exuberance of Cuba, the sultriness of Brazil and the joy of Mexico. Make no mistake; this is very sophisticated food - presented in a very elegant setting.

Chefs Stuart living and Tyson Reimer along with Jason Kelly, Cobre (meaning 'copper' in Spanish) will introduce the Pacific North West to the unique blend of exuberance and sophistication found in Latino food culture. Open the door to Cobre and enter a whole new food experience.

Located in historic Gastown, Cobre's interior immediately welcomes you. Warm coppery tones, exposed brick, dark wood, an inviting bar, installation art - you won't find oversize sombreros, neon cacti or Pepi Gonzales. This is a kitsch-free zone.

Category: Food and Drinks | Subcategory: Latin American and Alcoholic | Area: Gastown
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