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Big City Cupcakes

1015 Howe Street - Nelson Square (Map It)
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 1P6

Tel: (250) 860-5526

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Big City Cupcakes was founded by 3 business women with some old family recipes and a vision of something spectacular!
We have quickly become Canada's fastest growing cupcake company!!
Opening our 2nd corporate location in November 08, our 1st franchise in December 08 and our 1st distributorship in January 09. We have springboarded in exceeding our 10 location goal by the end of 2010 as we will have 13 locations open by October 2009.

Vancouver locations coming soon.
-Coquitlam Center
-Metropolis at Metrotown
-10th Avenue
-4th Avenue
-West Vancouver
-North Vancouver

Category: Food and Drinks | Subcategory: Bakery | Area: Vancouver
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